About our Founder(Linkan)

The fight for a small girl, to stop child marriage by Linkan Subudhi in Noida, took her to the mouth of death in the year 2013. Always inspired by and worked for AID-Noida, Linkan Subudhi became more determined for her mission towards the education for all children and getting all the rights for each and every child that an Indian Child should. “Attack can’t deter me or my mission” she said. She recovered and came out of hospital and decided to work for her birth place Odisha first and then other part of the country. She started her work from the day one she came back ignoring the brain Hemorrhage condition and went for Flood relief work in Balasore. She decided to make a team first and move on. Few young mass came ahead to join her work. They started mobilizing the young mass to be an active citizen and stop the social evils forced on each and every child, they moved on socializing the young mass for taking the responsibility of society along with their own life and family life.